Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hanging Saddam... What about the rest who aided him?

Saddam Hussein has been convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging. This is only for his crimes of killing 148 people in the Shia town of Dujail in 1982. He remains to be tried for his killings of so many other Iraqis. He also remains to be tried for his role in the Iran-Iraq war.

However one must remember Saddam was never alone. The current Iraqi government understands this only to the extent of the role played by Saddam's henchmen in his government and they are making efforts to go after them. The world especially the west namely North America and Europe supports this. However there is another group of people who aided Saddam in his crimes against humanity by supplying him weapons, ammunition, technology and everything else necessary that he require to even embark on his campaign in the 80s. This group is none other than western nations namely US who were actively and significantly aiding Saddam's war machine against Iran where there too he used chemical weapons and all other ruthless methods to kill Iranians.

The question is why is Europe and North America who claim that their society is built on the fundamentals of human rights and justice, hidding themselves in bringing forth the culprits amongst themselves who aided Saddam in the 1980s? Where are the American and European politicians who supported Saddam? Which American and European companies supplied Saddam with weapons, technology and ammunition and chemicals etc? The west will conveniently shelf these questions and pretend that barbarians are people like Saddam and none exists amongst themselves. Till the west stop their barbarians, the barbarians of the east will continue to find support and means for their wicked methods to destroy people. So the European politicians should not talk about civilizing the east when not every one of them is civilized enough... As Mahathir said recently about Bush " (he) is not civilized himself... he should not talk about civilizing others".


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