Thursday, September 28, 2006

Taking cover under God's will in order to violate God's command

Below is a narration of a historic event about Junaid Baghdadi, one of the greatest saints of Islam who died in Baghdad in 298 (910)AD, that explains where the inspiration comes for Bush to Osama to the evil joe around us, with us, against us and within us that try take cover under God's will in order to violate God's command.

“Once,” said Junaid Baghdadi, “I desired to see Iblis(Satan). I was standing at the mosque door, when I espied an old man approaching from afar. As I looked at him, a horror rose within me.

“Who are you?” I demanded.

“Your desire,” he replied.

“Accursed one,” I cried, “what thing held you back from prostrating to Adam?”

“How do you imagine, Junaid,” Iblis replied, “that I would prostrate to any but Him?”
Junaid described his sense of bewilderment, hearing the Devil say these words.

“A voice addressed me in my secret heart,” he recalled. “The voice said, ‘Say, You are a liar. If you had been a true servant, you would have obeyed His command. You would never have disregarded it and flirted with denial.’

When Iblis heard this speech, he uttered a loud cry. “By Allah, Junaid, you have destroyed me!” And he vanished.

Here Junaid Baghdadi points out the devil's mistake in taking cover under God's will (mashiyyah) in order to violate his command (amr). Junaid said, "You lie. Had you been an obedient servant, you would not have transgressed His command, thus stressing the strictly monotheistic position that moral behaviour is the sine qua nom of a truly religious life which consists in total obedience to God's command (`ubi diyyah). He defines `ubudiyyah as the state in which a man realizes that all things belong to God, that He is the cause of their being and existence, and to Him alone they will all return.


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