Monday, August 14, 2006

Political: Israel must compensate the Reconstruction of Lebanon

If Israel is sincerely true in its claims that it did not target civilian infrastructure such as roads, airports, houses etc delibrately, then it must compensate for the reconstruction of those civilian infrastructure that it destroyed.
The mood amongst the western nations is shamefully to purely disarm Hizbullah. What is more critical is the reconstruction of Lebanon. Even if one does not wish to subscribe to this, it is without doubt that Israel bears the full responsibility for having destroyed civilian infrastructure and therefore rightfully it must rebuild it or compensate for the rebuilding of it. If North America and Europe do not have the moral strength to call for this, then indeed they have reached the pits of moral bankruptcy. In this crisis, the West have wasted their reputation as champions of human rights to earn the notoriety as obstructors of human rights. Hence their only way to salvage their honor and dignity is to act strongly to have Israel compensate Lebanon. Currently the West is chickening out from this and instead are bailing out Israel by paying for the compensation themselves. Till the West gathers its courage to protect the very values that it always claimed to uphold, it will remain to be viewed upon as an accomplice of Israel.


At 8:32 AM, Blogger Blacksmith Jade said...

I agree with you on the need for Israel to compensate Lebanon. In fact, the Prime Minister of Lebanon Fouad Seniora has begun proceedings with the UN and the International Court to that effect.

At 7:04 PM, Blogger ney_reed said...

I understand UN and International Court are the only mediums through which Lebanon can seek compensation from Israel.
However the questions are

1) Can the UN and International Court ever start an inquiry or trial without US, UK and rest of Europe intervening to prevent it?

2) Should they really start a trial and should they conclude in their trials that Israel must compensate Lebanon's reconstruction efforts, can they enforce it?

Should the very avenues for recourse be obstructed or interfered with or be impotent at all, then organized justice fails and vigilante justice takes over.

The latter phenomenon is what we are seeing today in the name of seperatism, extremism, terrorism etc and it wont stop till the West and politicians re-establish and respect international law.


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