Thursday, August 10, 2006

Political: Dear West, Whose and What Freedom Do You Love?

It was really unpleasant to hear yet again that another group was planning to retaliate against US and UK by carrying out attacks on civilian flights, only to be crippled fortunately in time by British authorities.

Bush summarized the event as “This nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom”

This notion Bush that he loves freedom has been articulated by him on numerous occasions. Blair, being Bush’s concubine, have also reiterated it on numerous occasions. Similarly you can hear this rhetoric from many European and American politicians, neo-conservatives and neo-liberals.

The fundamental question is what this freedom that they love is. Freedom itself is a noble word which every major religion propagates. However what these Western politicians, neo-conservatives and neo-liberals, who have de-sacralized themselves to be seculars understand by the word freedom differs from the universal understanding of the word freedom.

Freedom is the state of being in liberation of something oppressive. Western politicians, neo-conservatives and neo-liberals understand freedom as liberty to do what they wish and want. This is where East is East, West is West, never shall they twain.

For the past three hundred years, since the West came out of the barbarity of its dark ages, it first trod the globe colonializing countries and communities, invading lands, occupying lands, killing women and children and taking possession of indigenous wealth, resources and endowments of their colonies. Then they justified this by claiming they love God and want to bring God’s message to the heathens of the east and/or for the service of the Queen. Nothing stopped them to think that they, in order to achieve those ends, are using the most barbaric means of invasion, occupation, oppression and plundering.

In the two world wars, the West adopted the most horrifying methods of warfare mankind had ever seen, resulting in the greatest fatalities ever in any war. Indiscriminate killing of people and indiscriminate destruct of cities were justified as means to stop the enemy. Japan was the only eastern nation that paralleled the barbarous standards of the West in those two wars. Japan justified it as necessary means to protect its industries.

Today again we see the West continuing in its arrogant ways to use any means to achieve its ends. Preemptive wars on false pretexts, indiscriminate killings of civilians or supporting of indiscriminate killings of civilians, indiscriminate destruction of cities, forced implementation of tyrants in governments or supporting of tyrannical governments, categorical tortures and indefinite detentions and blasphemous degradation of sacred symbols are means the West uses without any qualms to meet its ends of promoting self-interests, protecting corporations, occupying and taking control of indigenous’ resources and facilitating limitless self-expression.

So to the question whose freedom does the West love, the West loves its freedom and not that of others, unless if loving that freedom of others will promote its freedom.

As for the question of what freedom does the West love, the truth is what the West loves is not freedom but having the liberty to do whatever it wants and wishes. I guess Bush being not so intellectual enough and you can never expect a Texan to articulate that, he can only refer to it as freedom. But this is pure uncontrolled, indiscriminate behavior or rather barbarity. When one wonders where do Al-Qaeda and its zealous friends get their inspiration, it is just a big irony that globalization has only had them gain motivation from the West in their earnest desires to destroy the West.

The general global Muslim population find themselves in a dilemma with Al-Qaeda trying to win their hearts and support on one side and the West on the other. However Muslims view both these two groups with equal contempt for both these groups are equally barbaric and beastly. As a Muslim we have a duty to be freedom loving, free from anything oppressive such as the evil, bad or the ugly, which means we have to be free from the Muslim extremists and the West. Its interesting to see in the triangle between the global Muslim population, Muslim extremists and the West, each hate what the other love, though Muslim extremists and the West seem share a love for the freedom to indiscriminately kill civilians.

Peace, love and recyle….


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