Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mosque remains standing and the plight of surviving Iranians in Bam earthquake

The catastrophic BAM earthquake in Iran a few years ago in 2003, if we still sympathetically remember, had devasted the BAM region. this Masjid Zayed however still remains standing though suffering damages. skeptics will brush it off saying it was built strong. cynics will mock saying that it is just at the most a coincidence and ignorant fools are exaggerating it. indeed there is an undeniable divine message in everything and it is upon patient reflection can one decify it.

The surviving victims of the natural disaster had to bear the burden of lost homes and devastated lives. No roof over their heads, no drinking water or sanitation, they remained in their plight for more than a year just like any surviving victims of any natural disaster nowadays. The world's leaders are faster and more sincere in responding to situations such as terrorist attacks, kidnapped soldiers or workers than in responding to situations such as diseases, natural calamities, food and water shortage, water crises etc. In the former situations, the events themselves injure the pride and ego of the world's leaders and their inaction will only emancipate this injury. In the latter situations, the events have no impact on them and their inaction only injure their sense of honor and dignity which in this neo-liberal 21st century they value much less than their pride, ego and money.


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