Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Political: Apartheid Wall

Wall by Al - Kasaba Theatre

i attended the theater performance by Ramallah based Al-Kasaba Theatre called Wall which was more of a traditional story telling session with a folk style. i was surprised to see a large turnout with several public faces. some singaporeans truely do have an interest to see behind the wall, which is created by media and politicians, on the realities of Palestinians.

the play though political in genre was void of political rhetoric. instead in simple words, actions, songs and dance articulated how the Israeli Wall dividing the Palestinian territories have intensified the daily struggles of Palestinians - making it more difficult for Palestinians to laugh, cry, play, weep, sleep, mourn, work, study, trade, dream etc. the emotional stress the wall has brought about on the Palestinians is clearly illustrated in the play.

as the apartheid wall continues to discriminate, disrupt and dislocate Palestinians, i truely wonder what peace do the Israelis envision in their lands. i wonder if the Europeans and North Americans had to watch this play, will they continue to lend their support to occupation, oppression and racism compromising on the very basic human rights ideals they superficially champion. in the history of mankind, many walls had been built and all came down.


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