Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Political: Freedom of Speech or Euro-Pride?

Freedom of Speech or Euro-Pride?

It was appalling to see Europeans led by Norway trying to prove stubbornly that insulting that which a religion beholds to be sacred, to be freedom of speech. Civilized they call themselves but the Europeans have once again proven that they can be as bankrupt of ethics and behave despicably as their forefather barbarians.

Christian Europe since the age of enlightenment has accepted and tolerated insults or criticisms of God and religion. However least did they realize even in 2006 that it remains unacceptable and intolerable by the rest of the world. Should they feel comfortable criticizing and insulting their own religion, the Europeans may very well do so. However they have absolutely no right whatsoever to criticize or insult any religion that is not theirs. This is basic sense of respect that any two humans ought to show one another.

When Taliban destroyed Buddhist statures, Europe denounced it as being insensitive to other faiths and barbaric in nature. However Europe is acting exactly like Taliban today. Europe claims it is built on foundations of freedom of speech. What freedom of speech? Does Europe have the freedom of speech to criticize Israel for the human rights atrocities committed by Israeli army, government and people? Should Europe really believe these publications of cartoons are nothing less than freedom of speech, why then does it not publish cartoons of Holocaust?

These publications of cartoons do not illustrate Europeans sense of free speech but their inherent sense of disrespect for others. It was in this similar fashion how the Europeans self-righteously insulted and criticized the Jews then for past few centuries. Prior to that Europeans’ inherent sense of disrespect for Africans, Asians was notorious and partly influenced them to feel superior enough to invade and plunder those countries. The disrespect Europeans displayed in their occupied colonies also has demonstrated their sense of Eurocentrism. Their anti-Semitism that started and remained at pure criticisms and insults of Jewish people escalated to the point where Europeans had no shame or regret to killing and chasing out of their houses and lands Jewish men, women, children and babies. Today the Europeans look at that ethnic cleansing against Jews which they undertook then, with regret but have opted to substitute those Jews with Muslims. Anti-Semitism then has been substituted with Islamophobia today. Already Europe has demonstrated it is capable of carrying out a Holocaust against Muslims as in Bosnia where they, without shame or regret killed Muslim men, women, children and babies. The world needs to stop the European sense of racism before it really escalates into another bloody display of European barbarism.


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