Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Social: What is a loss?

Recently the Russel Crowe of Indian cinema, Kamal Hasan, was giving an interview to Vasantham Central. He generally makes two movies per year where one is commercial and the other is art/independent. He invests a lot for the latter and more than often it fails commercially. He simply however never gives up. He believes in making good and different ones and so he keeps spending a lot for which no commerical producer wants to invest.

Everyone always asks the same question to him. How can you bear all the huge money loss you have been incurring almost each year?

He gave an excellent answer as to what is loss....

He was explaining that loss is something that which you cannot gain back. In terms of money, if you loose it today, you can gain it back tomorrow if you work hard and smart enough... He further explained that even friendship and kinship when lost can be gained back with a sorry. However he asserted that, what that which you loose today and CANNOT gain back tomorrow, which will then amount to loss, will include life, youth etc....

Growing up in Singapore, I was always so fearful of failing my exams cos i thought and was told (by educational system) it was the end of everything. But as i matured i realized i can afford to fail and pass the following year. Though i didnt fail the exams in primary or secondary or jc, I regret stressing myself excessively before the exams.

Likewise when i decided to take year out to try something different, there were criticisms of how i will loose out. What i went to try didnt succeed as I wanted to, but hey i am able to return to what i was doing before. What i am loosing out is money, which I can make back if i try harder and smarter. Every loss and success comes from Al-Mighty. We just need to try...


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