Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Social: Imagine having only 20 minutes to live

It was upsetting to see Mrs Wee weep at the funeral wake of her husband. Its understandable how distraught and heart broken she must be, since she and Mr Wee had been together for about 7 decades in marriage. Multiply those 7 years with 365 days, multiply that with 24 hours, muliply that with 60 minutes...... Its a looong time... but when the time come, we all have to leave...

I saw Mrs Nathan consoling Mrs Wee. Given the reality of Mr Nathan's ripe old age, Mrs Nathan will be in Mrs Wee's position one day soon. But hey, given the reality we all will perish one day, we will be in Mrs Wee's position one day sooner or later.

So to think about it, the eventual end to everthing we do is death. Given that reality, should we at each time we feel angry, want to avenge, frustrated, depressed we just need to ask, should we have only 20 minutes to live should we hold our negative feelings or dispose them. Likewise should we only dispose our negative feelings if we have 20 minutes to live or right now itself?

Indeed life is so incredibly short and fragile that there is no need or purpose for selfishness, agrandisement, arrogance, greed, kiasuism, rush, speed, money, materials, revenge, etc etc.. Whats needed in our time here is what we need if we only have 20 minutes left - mercy, patience, love for all, good conduct, joy!

So perhaps if this world lives as if we have only 20 minutes to live, then we can save our wars, damage to animals, destruction to environment and killing of other humans.


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