Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Political: UK Muslims United Against Oppression March

A Muslim is a brother to a Muslim, he neither forsakes
him nor abandons him..." (Bukhari and Muslim)

Muslims united against oppression March this Saturday
Time and Place : 10:30 am
Assemble at Marble Arch, London W1 March
From : Marble Arch to Paddington Green Police Station

Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain will be supporting the biggest Muslim unity anti-terror march Britain has witnessed Belmarsh detainees unlawfully held for 3 years 660 held in "no man's land" in Guantanamo

Using torture against Muslims abroad Liberation struggles in Iraq, Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya labelled as terrorism
Over 700 arrests and 3 convictions in UK & over 3000 arrests in USA Draconian Anti Terror laws, Control Orders & House Arrest
Extradition to the USA at request of NeoCon administration
Intimidation by stop and search Families wrecked by wrongful arrests & trial by media T
his march is non-partisan and non-sectarian.

Various organisations have come together to undertake the largest Muslim Anti Terror Civil Rights March on a Muslim unity platform.

It is essential that the Muslim community sends a clear message against the 'climate of fear' that has been created by these draconian laws and disproportionate arrests targeted at a community which has made a significant contribution to this society.

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