Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Political: Enough of US evidence!

Once again US has made a fool of itself with its "evidence". The senate's claims and evidences against British politician Galloway were so lame and prima facie, yet the senate can boldly and arrogantly embark on a foolish campaign to use those invalid evidences to accuse Galloway.

What is so interesting is that US has one of the biggest research culture in the field of law in the world, its legal fraternity is well knowned, its code of laws are widely written and legislated....
Yet the blunders that US can do when it produces evidences clearly shows its hidden and ulterior motives which do not aim to upholding justice.

There is tons of credible evidence to prosecute
Bush - on bringing US to war on inaccurate and invalid evidence
Collin Powell - to bring forward inaccurate evidence to justify invasion of Iraq
Dick Cheney- to be an accomplice to both Bush and Collin Powell
Donald Rumsfeld- to sanction for excessive force to be used on Iraqi prisoners of war
- to ignore abuses of Abu Ghraib when it first surfaced to him
- to be supporting the false evidence produced on Iraq
- to supply weapons to Saddam Hussein in the 1980s
Henry Kissinger - to give Suharto the go ahead the day before the invasion of East Timor, to provide weapons and other support to Suharto necessary for invasion of East Timor

There are numerous other tons of charges against US government officials that can be produced also. Well there are enough evidence to support charges of how much arms US sold to Saddam in the 1980s. Yet the US senate has carefully singled out an European. Till the day US continue to find the devil within its belly, outside, it will never be able to stop its aggression and butchery.


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