Monday, May 02, 2005

Condolences: President Wee

One of the famous words of late President Wee that I like most is " we came here with nothing.... and we will leave with nothing ..."

This is such a fundamental reality of life that we fail to grasp. If one conducts a post-mortem of his life, we can see how he came with nothing and he is leaving with nothing. The nothing here implies tangible objects and people. What he leaves with are his relationships, fond memories, love of his people, achievements, great conduct!

Over the next few days we can hear and see all kinds of touching condolence messages and sympathy pouring out for our late President. But that will all amount to being just hypocratic and cosmetic, unless if we strive to emulate his manners and conduct. How can we throw flowers at the king and at the same time step on them?

Should there be one word to describe him... it will be - Accomplished...


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