Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Social: Gambling is a Vice, Casinos are Institutions of Vice

Contemporary bloggers may find this old topic, but i am not concerned about it.

The proponents of the casino have informed that the commerical benefit of opening two casinos is greater than the ills that can be managed.

What i will like to ask is this.... Isnt gambling a vice? Isnt casino an institution of vice? Hence should the arguments for gambling be accepted, they can also be used to justify other vice activities. How about starting a giant red light area or a drug hub? We can use the necessary experts to manage the ills. Furthermore it will bring more commercial benefit than casinos. Also our Singaporeans are already flocking to thailand and batam for sex and drugs. Should we one day wake up to find our brothels and drug pushers second class to that of our neighbours?

Once we allow cynicism into our policy making, it will cloud wisdom and judgement. Secondly how much we may deny, gambling indeed is a vice and casinos are institutions of vice.


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